The child relocation program

So, it happened again.  One of my little darlings came to school yesterday with the sad news: they were moving away.   This happens so often, it happened  to me.  If you are a teacher I  am sure it has happened to most of you.  Relocation occurs for terrific reasons and terrible ones.

In this new world economy, families are sent to all parts of the country (as well as the world).  Relocation allows us to “Lean in” so that a parent or guardian can realize their full career and earning potential.  A relocation can offer a glimpse of a new world and enhance the life experiences of the entire family. However, I also have students who are relocating due to an unfavorable life event, such as divorce, death, or custody issues.  In these cases there is often little time to smooth the way for a positive transition for the individual into their new life.

Transitioning into your family’s new world can be made smoother by employing a few processes that I have used though several relocations.

What is a parent, guardian, or educator to do to ease the transition for the youngster who is going to be taken away from the familiar and the routine?

These are a few of the things that I have learned that helped my children and students transition from one living situation to another.

1)  Anchor children in their present.

2) Link them to their past.

3) Engage them in their future.


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